Vaughn Fall 2020

Our small classes have an 8 student capacity. This allows each student to be given individualized attention regarding their specific strengths and challenges. Teacher-to-student ratio is decided based on the needs of each class, though the standard is two teachers per class. Please note that the age groups below are only a guideline and not strictly prohibiting of slightly younger or older children joining that class.

FUNDING: All classes are eligible for Special Services at Home (SSAH) and Passport funding.

COMMUNITY HOURS FOR TEENS: Opportunities for teens to accumulate community hours by assisting in workshops for younger students are available. 

OPEN SESSIONS: Parents and friends are invited to observe our class for the last half hour of each workshop/camp.

Mary Poppins!

Ages 8-12

september (specific dates tdb)

TuesdayS 5.30-7.00PM

When Mary Poppins descends from the sky, what wonders will she bring? Where will she take us? Under the sea, inside of paintings, or up and away on a balloon string? Act out your favourite scenes, sing your favourite songs, or let your imagination create new magical adventures! 

workshop includes: drama, dance, visual art and relaxation. 

Max. class size: 8

goals: having fun while improving self-awareness, social skills, confidence and team work.

Location: Schwartz/Reisman Centre 
9600 Bathurst St. Vaughn
For more information and registration please contact Karina Klier at