The Purple Stage Creation

Since I began teaching at Purple Carrots almost two years ago, I’ve been excited by the nature of the shows we create with our students - which are currently only shared with family and friends on the last day of workshops, as 'open sessions'. We use the term open session so that there is permission for classes to be more process, rather than product focussed. While I value the reasoning behind the process vs. product approach, I simply can't deny the sheer quality of our open sessions.

They are so eclectic, unpredictable and enchanting. They are everything I want when I go to the theatre- full of life and risk. The audience is often at the edge of their seat, wondering what may happen next, who might run away screaming or who might just burst into song! A holding for these creative impulses is present in the room.

I’m a theatre creator outside of Purple Carrots and have been rebelling against traditional theatrical forms for years... so this kind of work is right up my alley! I believe that Toronto audiences are hungry for this. Audiences and creatives alike seem to be interested in exploring neurodiversity and creating unconventional work in place of old theatrical forms. I started brainstorming with Silvina about the idea of producing full- sized, public productions with Purple Carrots and serendipitously, this was a shared vision between us!

The Purple Stage is a neurodiverse performance company that will produce devised theatrical performances with members of the Purple Carrots community (initially adult students). This is an opportunity for a wider Toronto audience to experience our work while creating meaningful job opportunities for the artists.

I am so excited to dive into the Purple Stage project in 2019! Every time I teach my teens and adults classes I am further inspired to take this work to the next level.

Our students are the creators of The Purple Stage, not us.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey.

By Jordan Campbell.