About Purple Carrots Drama Studio

Purple Carrots Drama Studio is an inclusive space which encourages growth in self awareness and social skills through the arts. Combining elements of drama, play therapy, dance, visual art and relaxation, we help our students explore their full potential in a safe, supportive and fun environment. 

We provide the following services:


Year-Round Inclusive Drama Workshops: Weekly drama classes for all ages (2 to adult) that run for 8 weeks during winter, spring and fall culminating in a final performance for family and friends.  These theme-based classes aim to improve self-awareness and social skills through: drama improvisation, movement, visual art, scene work and relaxation. Graduates of our adult drama classes are eligible to audition for The Purple Stage, an affiliated professional theatre company for neurodiverse actors. 

With an 8 student maximum per class, each student is given individualized attention regarding their specific strengths and challenges. Teacher-to-student ratio is decided based on the needs of each class, though the standard ratio is two teachers per class.

March Break and Summer Camps:  Week-long inclusive day camps for ages 6 to adult . These art-fusion camps are drama based and include guest professionals who teach: yoga, visual art, drumming, music/singing and movement. These theme-based camps aim to improve self-awareness and social skills through the arts and end with an open session for family and friends. Max. Class Size: 8


School Programming: Purple Carrots Drama Studio is an approved educational partner with the Toronto District School Board. We offer two types of programs for the TDSB and private schools: The Green Program for neurodiverse students, and The Orange Program for neurotypical students. The Green Program is play-based and similar to our year-round drama workshops- where facilitators respond to teachable moments that arise during the creative process. The Orange program explores self-awareness, empathy and conflict resolution through drama for students who are able to engage in higher level group problem solving.

Max Class Size: 30.


Expressive Arts Therapy: Private and group expressive arts therapy sessions are offered on request. Expressive arts therapy helps people of all ages with mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, through both talk therapy and the use of various art forms.

What we do

Who will most benefit from our programs?

   If you:  

  • would like to improve: social skills, self expression, language, communication, body awareness, confidence, imagination, abstract thinking, creativity and team work 

  • want to explore the magic of drama

  • or just want to make new friends

... these classes are for you! 


During our initial meeting, we will decide together, whether private or group drama classes are most likely to benefit the student. This will depend on whether the student appears ready for the demands of a group class.