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'It's always wonderful when your child shows interest in not only a new skill but socializing with others. It was above and beyond our expectations.'

'Our daughter Sofia blossomed in so many ways since she started attending Purple Carrots Drama Studio. The unique classes, full of warmth and encouragement, helped Sofia to express herself better. She is much more articulate, her self-regulation improved a lot and her language skills advanced. She always looks forward to coming to the class.   Thank you Silvina for the magic you do!'


'Kate enjoyed Purple Carrots very much. She was eager and excited to go every week and made new friends. She seems to have more  self confidence  now and is not afraid to "perform" in front of an audience. She seems to be more articulate and able to express her feelings with ease. Thank you Purple Carrots for a wonderful experience.'

'The staff were amazing with our group of special needs children.  Cristian enjoyed your class so much he cannot wait to attend Summer camp! You brought so much out of him, his confidence, his love of music and dance and he enjoyed the social aspect of working with the other children'.


'I was so happy to discover a service that offers a creative way to improve a variety of skills in one place, and amazed by what my children achieved in such a short time. The workshop was very well organised and I was impressed to see how well my children performed with the rest of the group in the open session! The teachers were exceptionally patient and great at motivating the children. They always made sure that all the children in the class moved forward together, and that no child was left behind.'  


'After watching the video recording of his class, Jordan thanked me.  It was the first time he thanked me in such a genuine way.  He was thanking me for putting him in the program.'

'My son Joseph is 15 years old. He has ASD, however he is high-functioning. He is a very calm teen but very shy. Silvina and her team truly put their best foot forward with their students. They have helped him open up and become more comfortable with expressing himself through many fun and creative ways. He is very involved and is always excited about sharing what activities he did with his group. He has made new friends, and looks forward to the Summer session!! Thank-you Purple Carrots!!!'